About  Us

Uber Scoot is a global personal transport vehicle (PTV) company that has been revolutionising

the PTV industry for almost 20 years. Continually surpassing the boundaries of unique design

and innovation excellence, the fourth generation Uber Scoot once again embodies state-of-the-art

 technologies and manufacturing techniques that place it firmly at the forefront of various globa

l PTV categories.


Started in 2006, the Uber Scoot factory recently moved to a brand-new, state-of-the-art

30,000m² facility. The new plant was set up with the main objective of manufacturing the widest

range of carefully selected PTVs (personal transport vehicles), placing great emphasis on unique

 design features and product quality that is overlooked by so many other manufacturers.

With room to expand, the plant currently runs six full time production lines producing up to 15,000

units per month and has 110 skilled staff in all departments with 15 of those dedicated to RND

 alone. Already a market-leading supplier, the factory supplies many regions globally and has

recently pioneered the ever-growing Chinese retail market with dedicated outlet shops across the



Their production techniques are also constantly expanded and refined to stay on par with global

 market trends through on-going market research. The R & D team also uses the latest Auto CAD

 software, Solid Works, pro/E, Corel Draw and Cimatrom to allow for both design and production

 teams to provide and maintain the most advanced product offering moulded to suit any market



Quality assurance is also extremely important and with advanced QC and production equipment

 at their disposal, all products are measured against stringent and consistently high quality

standards. Added to this the new facility uses the ERP parts management system for internal

track and trace quality control allowing for these stringent quality controls to be continually met.

All products also strictly comply with IQC, IPQC and FQC standards and specifications, and through

multiple QC checks performed throughout the manufacturing process, you can be assured that

each Uber Scoot manufactured here boasts unrivalled levels of quality in all of its components.


Added to this, the new range of Uber Scoot PTVs is the most diverse and dynamic to date, catering

for recreation, short distance commuting, sport and commercial applications across all age groups.

Yet while Uber Scoot continues to meet the increasing demand for advanced personal transport

alternatives, the brand has never lost sight of its core values: to remain cost-effective, convenient

and reliable, but most importantly, to always be fun to use.





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